Stand Up Paddle Boards

Stand up paddle boarding is one of the Sport’s greatest impacts and has taken the surf industry by storm. It’s evolving rapidly every day and bringing a new vibe to the surf community.

Red Nik Surf & Swim is the number one place to get all your Stand up paddle board needs met. We carry the industries top companies for Stand up Paddle Boarding, including, Kahuna, Anahola, Naish, and Starboard.

Stand up paddle boarding can be introduced in any body of water, from the lakes, oceans, rivers, or the the back of your boat. People of all shapes and styles can ride a Stand up paddle board, and the great thing is that you don’t need any surf background and it’s a great workout

The most amazing aspect of Stand up paddle boarding is the serenity. It’s the most peaceful way to get out and experience some nature whilst simultaneously exercising in a way not possible before. Slowly but surely, people’s eyes are being opened to the fact that there’s a water sport for everybody, in that anyone can do it.

For 2017 Red Nik Surf & Swim Will be Carrying the following Standup Paddleboard Companies for Both Rigid and Inflatable.


Kahuna is our #1 Selling Board and the #1 Canadian Company

Founded in 2009, KAHUNA Paddleboards is a Whistler BC-based stand up paddleboard (SUP) manufacturer fuelled by a passion for paddling all over Canada. Whether you are riding waves on the coasts or paddling from lake to lake through cottage country, KAHUNA paddleboards are versatile enough to smoothly handle a range of conditions. At KAHUNA, our mission is to provide a top quality product at a reasonable price point.

All of our Kahuna Boards come in packages of ; Board, Board Bag, Fin, 2 or 3pce ( Depending on model) Adjustable Carbon Fibre Paddle, Dbl Gauge Pump with Inflatables, Leash and Wheely Bag with inflatables.  We can sell you just a board as well.

Kahuna has Great warranty when needed and a great company for support!!!!!


We have carried Naish since we were the 1st Standup Paddleboard dealer in Calgary almost 10 years ago.

Naish is a great company and have a huge selection of boards!!!!! We can custom order any Board anytime with Naish as their headquarters are in Washington State. Their Inflatables a very nice as are their Race and allaround boards.


Is a company that believes in helping people find their paradise on and around the water. In the winter of 2014 while sitting on a beach in Hawaii, we had a dream to create paddleboards that blend the Canadian qualities of innovation, spaciousness and adventure together with the Hawaiian qualities of aloha and relaxation. We wanted a paddleboard that easily allowed us to pursue our passion on any body of water available in our breathtaking, vast country with zero compromises on quality. We believe we have succeeded in creating a line of paddleboards that allow people to connect with both nature and their loved ones on the water.

The company was named after a little peaceful village with a zest for fully living life. Anahola is the location of an ancient surfing area on the island of Kauai’i known for its stunning landscape and its feeling of paradise. We believe we have captured the beauty of this ancient place in our board’s esthetics and handling. And while we love to escape to Hawaii, we truly wanted a board designed for the vastness and diversity of Canadian bodies of water. In Canada most of us don’t live on or within walking distance to the water, so we designed a board that could easily transported in multiple quantities to the bodies of water we love to find our bliss on.

Located just outside Edmonton, we are Alberta’s 1st inflatable paddleboard designer. We specialize in custom paddleboards designed with quality, functionality and innovation in mind. 


We have had Starboard for the same length of time as Naish.

Starboard has a huge selection of Boards and make a very nice board in Rigid or Inflatable.


Bags (Travel and Day)

  • Dakine
  • Naish
  • Ocean & Earth
  • FCS
  • Starboard

Rack Pads

  • Dakine
  • FCS

Deck pads

  • Dakine
  • FCS


  • Naish
  • Starboard
  • QuickBlade
  • Kahuna

SUP Leashes

  • Dakine
  • FCS

Tie Down Straps

  • Dakine
  • FCS


Inquire at Red Nik Surf for more information on Stand Up paddle boarding, what exact SUP boards, paddles, and accessories we have in stock and prices.

RedNik Rippin the Bow

Poster will be out in the next few weeks. The race date is Sunday August 13th


Again our 7th Annual RedNik Rippin the Bow was a huge success!  Everything is already in line for this year and its looking even better again  . Cant wait to see you there!  You can register at the store, or print off a registration form and email it in to us at   Cant wait to see you there!!  ENTRY FORM – RACE 2017

Everything is finalized so you can register for the Best Standup Paddleboard Race that Calgary and Alberta have to offer. This is the 8th year now for the Longest running Race in Alberta.

Last year was the most fun by far!!!!!!

So come on down to Red Nik Surf Co and register or call The store at 403 685-4600














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