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Stand up paddle boarding is one of the Sport’s greatest impacts and has taken the surf industry by storm. It’s evolving rapidly every day and bringing a new vibe to the surf community.

Red Nik Surf Co is the number one place to get all your Stand up paddle board needs met. We carry the industries top companies for Stand up Paddle Boarding, including, Coreban, Naish, and Starboard.

Stand up paddle boarding can be introduced in any body of water, from the lakes, oceans, rivers, or the the back of your boat. People of all shapes and styles can ride a Stand up paddle board, and the great thing is that you don’t need any surf background and it’s a great workout

The most amazing aspect of Stand up paddle boarding is the serenity. It’s the most peaceful way to get out and experience some nature whilst simultaneously excerising in a way not possible before. Slowly but surely, people’s eyes are being opened to the fact that there’s a water sport for everybody, in that anyone can do it.

RedNik Rippin the Bow


Well its time to start thinking about our 5th Annual RedNik Rippin the Bow. This years date is Sunday August 10.  Its been a great 4 years of this event and this years is already looking to be the best yet.  With a ton of prizes as well as Paddleboards from Kahuna, Starboard and Glide. Cant wait to see you there!  You can register at the store, or print off a registration form and email it in to us at   Cant wait to see you there!!  ENTRY FORM – RACE 2013









At Boga, we live and breathe Stand Up Paddle Boarding.  If we are not out on the water riding our boards we are here working hard designing the next best board shape and paddle so you can.  Our sport, a gift from the ancient Polynesians,  has been spread by rider’s passion across the globe. Our team is part of the passionate Stand Up Paddleboard movement  taking our exciting sport to new extremes in SUP racing, surfing and recreation.  All of us at BOGA race SUP’s, Surf and enjoy sharing our SUP stoke and Aloha with our families and communities.  When you get a BOGA you are getting the board we win Races on, Surf on and Paddle with our friends on.  We are happy to share our designs with you and know that when our riders at the highest levels of competition are happy, you will be also!

It is our goal at to offer an affordable, high quality line of boards designed to meet the widest range of use in today’s most popular paddleboard disciplines.  Our line of boards feature the high quality construction, performance and value which riders of all levels should demand.   Whether you cruise lakes or surf, the Boga team has designed a quality board and paddle to meet your needs.

All our Stand Up Paddleboards were designed in Northern California and manufactured overseas from one of the surf industry’s top board factories in order to bring the best combination of performance and price.  All our boards are shaped from high quality EPS blanks with and the highest quality carbon, glass and bamboo available.   These are not Pop-out boards, they are hand finished, sanded,  glassed and then polished to perfection.  We take pride in the quality of our products and as such, all Boga paddle boards are backed with a 90 day warranty due to manufacturers defects.   We paddle what we build at BOGA and will only offer the best shape and quality. Boga


Want a high-performance,  SUP board that screams quality and value?

If the answer is yes, we welcome you to join the thriving ecosystem of Glide enthusiasts across the country and globe -the SUP buyers, dealers, retailers and team riders whose passion and loyalty have fueled our rapid growth and made us the fastest growing manufacturer of SUP boards in the world.  Glide


Laird Hamilton

At Laird StandUp, our design emphasis is on shaping stand up paddle boards that deliver the ultimate stand up paddle board experience. We believe that boards can be shaped to accommodate all levels of paddlers, while exceeding all expectations for stability and performance!  Laird




Boardriding is our passion, and we ride every day. Whether it’s for windsurfing, kite boarding, surfing, or standup paddling, each and every product that we sell is designed and tested to exceed your expectations. From continuing innovation in shape and design, to materials, construction, and manufacturing it is what goes into a Naish that makes it a Naish.

We carry boards and paddles from Naish.


The company philosophy is simple; To make Stand Up Paddling easier, and help more people enjoy the sport, yet still being involved at every level. We are supporting systems which will see the numbers of Paddlers grow 5 times the current level by 2010. Our goal is reliant on you, the media, shops, distributors, suppliers, team riders, clubs, resorts and other brands. We are proud to be here for you.

We carry boards and paddles from Starboard.


Coreban is derived from Corban, which means “Dedicated to God” and what better word to express our days on the water and to give thanks to the Creator.
COREBAN consists of a team of International athletes that are passionate about the sport and specialize in designing QUALITY Stand Up Paddle Gear.
With testing done in some of the world’s most extreme conditions, from outer reefs in Hawaii to point breaks in South Africa and Australia, our goal is to supply you the rider, with the best available products on the market. Coreban.


We are a standup paddleboard family that has a passion for paddling all over Canada. Whether you are riding the waves on the West Coast or the Maritimes or paddling from lake to lake throughout cottage country, KAHUNA will let you enjoy the sport of stand up paddleboarding. Our objective is to provide a top quality product at a reasonable price!

We are a standup paddleboard family that has a passion for paddling all over Canada. Whether you are riding the waves on the West Coast or the Maritimes or paddling from lake to lake throughout cottage country, KAHUNA will let you enjoy the sport of stand up paddleboarding. Our objective is to provide a top quality product at a reasonable price point

Jimmy Lewis

Jimmy is one of the world’s finest shapers and no other person has revolutionized every sport he has been involved in the way he has.  Jimmy started building boards in 1968 and has been on the leading edge of board design ever since.  He is known as the first person to offer production SUP boards.


Bags (Travel and Day)

  • Dakine
  • Naish
  • Ocean & Earth
  • FCS
  • Starboard

Rack Pads

  • Dakine
  • FCS

Deck pads

  • Dakine
  • FCS
  • Surftech


  • Naish
  • Starboard
  • QuickBlade
  • Werner

SUP Leashes

  • Dakine
  • FCS

Tie Down Straps

  • Dakine
  • FCS
  • Thule


Inquire at Red Nik Surf for more information on Stand Up paddle boarding, what exact SUP boards, paddles, and accessories we have in stock and prices.


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