Long Skate Boards


  An expanding co-operative of Athletes, Designers, Artists, and Friends whose goal is to combine Forward Thinking, Design, and Next  Level Craftmanship with a long term comitment to the enviroment.  Since 1995 the Arbor Collective has supported this mission with the highest quality skateboards possible.  Make sure you check us out.  Arbor


 With deep roots in boat, surfboard, and snowboard construction, the innovators at Comet Skateboards invented pressing techniques that yield the strongest possible bonds using any type of resin or adhesives.  Currently, Comet uses a wood glue they developed that is fully engineered to be safe for the environment and people working with it – while making bomb-proof skateboards.

The founding ethos behind Comet Skateboards is to build a business that conserves natural resources just by virtue of being.  We embody this! Comet


What started out as a hobby tinkering with broken shop boards in an apartment filled with vacuum presses/tools/carbon fiber and epoxy has turned into a dominant force in the Longboarding community.  Established in the mid 90′s out of New York City, Earthwing is fast becoming a company leading the charge to provide the best boards possible for whatever you skate! Earthwing


Heavily involved in the race scene, Landyachtz has been able to continue to produce top of the line innovative products that perform at the highest level since 1997.  By using racing as a way to test and develop products, Landyachtz improves longboarding daily for every discipline; downhill, freeride, carving, cruising, and commuting.  Every employee at Landyatchtz is passionate about skateboarding and that passion goes into every one of our products. Landyachtz


We’ve experienced the soulful beauty of riding and want to pass on the stoke. To that end we are dedicated to putting out the best possible rides we can and we stand behind every board we build.Our design philosophy is simple:  engineer the boards so that the decks and trucks interact to create a synergistic carving system. We therefore design our boards around the trucks. It’s a great time for skateboard design with all kinds of cool trucks being developed, and we intend to build decks around all the ones that we enjoy riding. Loaded


Rayne Longboards is a skater owned company based in Vancouver, BC. All of our boards are made in Canada using Canadian Maple, Bamboo and other choice materials ,by skateboarders with over 8 years of pressing experience and Produced using CNC (computer controlled) technology to make sure you get the highest quality and best performance in every single Rayne Longboard. Rayne

Sector 9

Sector 9 Longboards have been hand made in San Diego,Ca since 1993.  We make boards for every style of riding and everything in between.  From our 46″ Bamboo Teahupoo, our longest and smoothest carving board to the 38″ Maple Pathfinder. One of the first boards built with a camber/concave combo allowing for quickness in and out of turns.  With Sector 9 we will be able to find you a great ride and experience. Sector 9



  We have the biggest selection in the city for all your Longskateboard needs.  To build that perfect deck with Trucks, Wheels, Bearings, and Bushings just to get you started!  All the top Manufacturers in the Biz.

Trucks                                    Wheels                                  Protection                        Acces.

Bear                                           Abec 11                                 Loaded                             Venom Bushings

Randall                                     Earthwing                                Protec                            O-Tang Bushings

Paris                                          Hawgs                                    Triple 8                          Vicious Grip Tape

Gullwing                                  Orangatang                              S9                                   Jessup Grip Tape