Long Skate Boards


Heavily involved in the race scene, Landyachtz has been able to continue to produce top of the line innovative products that perform at the highest level since 1997.  By using racing as a way to test and develop products, Landyachtz improves longboarding daily for every discipline; downhill, freeride, carving, cruising, and commuting.  Every employee at Landyatchtz is passionate about skateboarding and that passion goes into every one of our products. Landyachtz. We will carry 8 different models of Landyachtz this year but will order you any board you want with no freight charges.

Sector 9

Sector 9 Longboards have been hand made in San Diego, Ca since 1993.  We make boards for every style of riding and everything in between.  From our 46″ Bamboo Teahupoo, our longest and smoothest carving board to the 38″ Maple Pathfinder. One of the first boards built with a camber/concave combo allowing for quickness in and out of turns.  With Sector 9 we will be able to find you a great ride and experience. Sector 9 We will carry 5 different models of Sector 9 this year but will order you any board you want with no freight charges.



Red Nik Surf & Swim will no longer carry Longboard Accessories but can order you anything you want with no Freight Charges. Just ask the staff if you need anything.