Red Nik Surf & Swim is SUMMER ALL YEAR ROUND!!!!!!!!  Sure we carry some nice Hoodies and LSL Flannels and Sweaters in the winter months,… Read the Rest >

If you are going on a Spring Vacation somewhere warm, Red Nik Surf Co is your 1 stop shop for everything  you will need.  If… Read the Rest >

We are stocked up with Spring  stock starting to  arrive daily now just on time to go with our Winter Vacation and Cruise Season stock.… Read the Rest >

Red Nik Surf & Swim Presents the 9th Annual Red Nik Rippin the Bow Standup Paddleboard Race. SUNDAY AUGUST 12TH This year The Race will… Read the Rest >

Red Nik Surf & Swim introduced Standup Paddle Boarding to Calgary . We were the 1st store to have a great selection of Boards and Acc.… Read the Rest >

Well the cold is lifting for now , but we have a very long winter ahead. So when you are making your plans for that… Read the Rest >