Well we got our pricing in for our 2018 Kahuna Standup Paddleboard’s. Kahuna has added a few boards to the lineup and we have the list and have figured out all of our Pre Buy Packages!!!!

We have 3 levels of pre-buy for you to pick from with different levels of Savings.

We will use our top seller in Hard boards and a Top Seller in Inflatables for examples. (But have them in all their models)


2018 Kahuna Mako Carbon Fibre Comp

Retail Price $2,499

Option #1 $500.00 + GST Down  Rest May 1st Total $2,299  you save $200.00

Option #2 $1,249.50 Down + GST/ Rest May 1 Total $2,199 You save $300.00

Option #3 Pay all up front $1,999 + GST/ Get the Board May 1  Save $500.00


2018 Kahuna ISUP Big Inflatable

Retail Price $1,499

Option #1 $500.00 + GST Down/ Get The Board May 1st Total $1,399 Save  $100.00

Option #2 $749.50 + GST Down/ Get Board May 1st Total $1,299 Save $200.00

Option #3 Pay All up Front $1,149 + GST,  Get The Board May 1st SAVE $350.00

Some models will be available for Christmas and you can use Option 2 and 3 for this if planning a Great Xmas gift for someone.

Kahuna is our top selling board by a longshot now and we only order in complete packages,  which means Hard boards you get a Board, Bag, 2 Piece Adjustable Carbon Paddle, Fins, and leash are all included in that pricing.

The inflatables come with Board, a wheelie back pack bag, 3 Piece Adjustable Carbon Fibre Paddle, Repair kit, Double Gauge pump with pressure monitor, Leash and fins.

Red Nik Surf & Swim are the largest Single Door Retailer Of Kahuna in Canada

You are ready to hit the water!!!

***** You can also pre order a Kahuna electric pump ( Unreal for the Inflatables and becoming a huge seller, we sold out fast) by Putting Down $100.00 and Save $50 Off the regular price of $209.95


We will take Pre Buy Orders only up to and including Wed Sept 27th at 6PM

We do these offers as we just add to our orders for next year, so come on down and pre-BUY!!!!!  Our order has to be in By Thursday Sept 28th

Red Nik Surf & Swim is Calgary and Southern Alberta’s Premiere Standup Paddleboard, Swim Wear, Cruisewear, and Surf Shop with the BEST SERVICE in all of the LAND





2 Responses to “Red Nik Surf & Swim Kahuna SUP Pre Buy Starts today in Calgary”

  1. Wayne

    Can I please get more details on the new boards Kahuna has added for 2018. I am interested in your pre-buy. Thanks.

  2. rednik

    Call the store 403 685-4600. They have all the info. Or you can email rednik1@shaw.ca

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