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Select Dresses/Bikini’s/Boardshorts  70% OFF

All Sweaters 70% OFF

All Toques and Socks 70% OFF

All Longboard Accessories 80% OFF

All Longboard Completes $125.00

All Rip Curl Watches 60% OFF

All Backpacks/Beach Bags and Wallets 60% OFF

Select Hoodies 50% OFF

All T’s and Tanks  Buy 2 and get 2 more FREE

All Longsleeve Shirts Buy 1 and get a 2nd FREE

All Sunglasses 30% OFF

All Regular Clothing and Swimwear 20% OFF


Starboard 10.6 Pocket Rocket Reg 2,149.95  BLOWOUT $799.95  CRAZY

Glide 9 FT Mongo River SUP Reg $1,374.95  BLOWOUT $499.95  CRAZY

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